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Established in 2012, PT. Tembakau Internasional exists with one thing in mind that is to connect people through things that they love throughout their lifestyle. Cigar is seen as one of those rare products and opportunities  that can bring people together. As sophisticated as it is, cigars bring  a lot of interest in our growing society here in Indonesia because they have different characteristics and tastes which vary for each individual.

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During our feasibility study, cigar has grown as an important part of lifestyles for the people in the country. It brings a lot of positives as a product  itself and present opportunities for the community to connect. As a company this opens up our perspective on how to help them grow as a society while providing them with the best product as a  tool that can bring them together. We believe Cuban Cigars are the best product that we can supply to meet their demands because it has the best quality and the best range of selections among others.

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In order to give the best experience to our clients, currently  PT. Tembakau Internasional carries 27 brands from Habanos SA.


By working together with Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs/Cafes, events are held often and almost every week in order to help the community to grow and give them better access to the products and as a mean for them to socialize. After almost a decade into the cigar market, we feel that Indonesia has a lot of potentials for the product itself to grow. It is a country with almost 272 million people and around 30% are smokers, hence PT. Tembakau Internasional has a mission to share the knowledge, educate and help the market on cigars so that it will grow and enjoy cigars the right way and by doing so we can also learn ourself to be even better, stronger and grow together with the community.


PT. Tembakau Internasional has one of the longest history as a cigar company in Indonesia. Specializing in wholesale areas to hotels, restaurants and cafes which will make the company easier to reach out to clients and potential clients. Organizing cigar events, together with our partners and cigar  community to educate the market will also be easier, because we have many different venues to choose.

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